The morning alarm is less annoying, your body suddenly feels fully energized, and that 5pm email in your inbox won’t hurt anymore because... it’s “Finally Friday”! That's why, at The Penthouse Lounge, we're hosting a dinner party worthy of the best evening of the week. Gather your friends and colleagues and join us for this after-work dinner party to kick-start your weekend the way you deserve.

Chef Frédéric Facheux invites you to an evening of Japanese gourmet bites (think delicious sushi like Wagyu Maki rolls), our sharing-style Black Cod Croquettes, and our signature main dishes such as Grilled Scottish Salmon Teriyaki and Swiss Veal Tonkatsu. Because, really, where else would you want to be on a Friday night?

To spice up your evening, our mixologists are crafting the most creative cocktails, like the best-selling Chow's Martini with exotic combinations of flavours such as lychee, hazelnut, and pistachio. Or try the Spice Me Up with lemongrass-infused mezcal and tequila – the challenge is to resist them all!

All of this is surrounded by the beats of our resident lounge DJs, spinning the greatest hits of all time right at our long social bar, creating the perfect dinner party vibe you've been craving.

Book your table now - It’s time to treat yourself with some real fun!